I-S Balance

About Us

"I-S Balance helps you enjoy your profit even more and maximizing how much you can spend while minimizing the chance you’ll outlive your money."

Many of us hold too much cash in our bank accounts . It’s not yielding profits for you either although by exploring I-S Balance you can earn more than what you’d get with an average savings account.

About Us

If you’re under the following just know that Eleves can help;

  1. Starting Out:
    "Start saving for future"- your goals may be on long terms but it's never too early to start investing, even just a small amount at a time.
  2. Building Wealth:
    "Increase Retirement savings:" -Now that you've reached your peak earning years, it's time to save and invest more as your income grows. Consider taking that annual bonus or tax refund and putting it towards your retirement.
  3. Nearing Retirement:
    "Maximize savings and fine-tune your plan" -As retirement nears, it's more important than ever to make sure you're financially prepared and making adjustments as needed.
  4. In Retirement:
    "Generate retirement income" - You've worked hard toward a comfortable and meaningful retirement. Following some simple guidelines may help to make your retirement income last. Many retirees also choose to work part-time. This additional income can make a difference in stretching your funds.